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HI This Is Our Chat Box Rule

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HI This Is Our Chat Box Rule

Post  Bro-l-Swordsman on 2/1/2009, 10:19 am

HI Most Of the players Don't Know the Rules In Our Chat Box Please Follow This Rule And Admin Please Accept This Rule So That Our Chat Box will Be Clean

There Are 6 Rules To Follow:

1. Please Dont Spam To our Chat Box

2. Please Dont Put Gm/Admin in your name If you are not a Member of the Staff

3. Please Respect all Moderators And Owners

4. Dont Spam/Flood In Our Chat Box

5.Please UnderStand what will be the announce of Admin

6. And Lastly if you wil Pm or Private message Our Admin Please Respect dont say Hoy or oi Admin are Not a Player na pwede lang sabihin na Oi and Respect Rin po sa Mga GM's Pambabastos Kasi yun so please be reminded.

First Offence = Kick

Second Offence = Banned for 6 hours

Third Offence = Banned For Ever

Last Offence = Banned Ip So That you cannot Log in To This Server

So Follow This Rules Para D kau mag Commit ng mga Offence.

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