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Post  Admin on 2/25/2009, 11:57 am

I am sending this post to clear some matters....

First, to all "donators/donors", donating in YcyRan doesn't mean you have more privileges compared to "non-donators/donors", you only had the advantage of upgrading your character and became stronger than them. Don't give us the reason of "donator naman ako" when we decline your requests. Remember, you received premium items when you donated, nothing was free, we compensated what you gave us, we don't have any "utang na loob" whatsoever.

Second, your donations are purely for our server's maintenance and hopefully for future upgrade. We are currently declining special requests, like free stats, skills, edits, items, even change passwords, all these have their corresponding fees found in the donation list and we want everything to be fair to all players.

Third, we have noticed a lot are complaining when we don't answer their PMs, this is because and mainly because, you only shoot us PMs just to request for free stats, items, edits, etc.... We cannot tolerate this anymore, and when we don't answer, you send "not so nice" messages in the main chat. We find your messages "VERY OFFENSIVE". We don't read the main chat very often because we have moderators who are supposed to handle/assist in the main chat. We concentrate on the PMs since with the number of private messages that we get when we go online, we don't have time to look at the main chat, and when we get the time to read the main chat, we get the "not so nice" messages.

Fourth, if you have issues with other players, avoid bringing it up in the main chat, PM yourselves, we will automatically ban you from the chatbox especially if I, Mommy, caught you, whether you're a moderator, GM or a regular player. PLEASE RESPECT THE MAIN CHAT. Same goes when you're inside the game.

Fifth, how come when I'm online using Daddy's login name in the main chat, I always receive a "PI" and other foul messages, are we really that bad?

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Comments those people..we always "REKLAMO"

Post  Miss_Mp_Mhegan on 2/27/2009, 3:52 am

Nag rereklamo pa kau jan.. alam kung 22usin maswerte na 2ng server na 2 eh..kasi merong taung ADMIN na magaling ma mamuno and beside he's not like other ADMIN na first offense whether your DONATOR or not donator ban is ban no more else...wala kanang magagawa....

Sa sa mga taong nag sasabing sip-sip ako i dont care about your feelings anymore isipin nyu kung anong gus2 nyu...
kasi first of all.
d ko kailangan ng mag palakas kay GM i have money for DONATION and wala pa akong char d2 nag kaka prob. lang sa pag install ko ng ycyran...
its up to you naman kung iisipin nyu na sip-sip ako kay ADMIN wala naman ako magagawa sa bagay na yan basta ako "PROUD" ako na meron tayung ADMIN na marunong mag isip

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