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Winners of [Event] Reasons

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Winners of [Event] Reasons

Post  Admin on 4/16/2010, 9:29 pm

This day is special because it's my wife's birthday... for those who had participated in this event are all winners ...So each one will get their prizes...

Special Prize will go to the best reason...

Top 10 reasons why you should play YcyRan...
1.ycy is not only a game but it is also a community where people chat and make friends.

2.because this server has a very patient and a very understanding administrator that gives us tips ad suggestions. and i would like to thank him. because without him all of this is nothing.

3.because everyone has a mindset of being top 1 which is a very positive thinking
so it is very thrilling.

4.because it shows your tactics and strategy in playing this game. shows your attitude and personality.

6. because it tests your patience and understanding for other players who is very boastful

7.because i knew a lot of things here in this server than the other servers i played

8.because this is the only server has a dad. ^^

9.because this is the server where people play and say "Wow ang ganda naman dito,di na nga mahal ung mga items ang bait pa ng admin"

10.because i learn the tru value of friendship and patience

by: `Xclusive`
Special prize "+9 Tricolor Weapon"

WINNERS OF [Event] Reasons
1. CXoRcIsM
2. `Xclusive`
3. purplepotchi
4. =SWEET_heart=
5. [Club]Rampage
6. -=Ngotbi=-

each will receive 100 Billion Gold and 1 normal ring with aura of their choice

bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!

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