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Ingame Rules and Regulations

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Ingame Rules and Regulations

Post  Admin on 9/26/2008, 3:30 am

1. Absolutely no botting.
2. Respect your fellow player. Refrain from using vulgarity and insults. Racism will not be tolerated.
3. Any sort of threat or harassment shall not be tolerated.
4. Do not impersonate a GM. (This includes having GM in your name or Guild Tag, and trying to pass it off as Guild Master.)
5. Do not beg. GMs will not give out items, golds, equips, or levels.
6. Do not advertise other servers.
7. Keep in mind while players all around the world are welcome to play here, the universal language is English. This is simply to clear up complications. So when setting up shops, speaking to GMs or setting up chats in public - They should be English. By all means talk to your friends in whatever language you like. But publicly, please use English when talking to others.
8. Exploitable bugs should be reported to a GM immediately, and only to a GM. Do not post these bugs on the forums. Non-Exploitable bugs should be posted in the Bug Report topic on the forums. Anyone caught exploiting a glitch or bug shall be immediately and permanently banned! The GMs keep logs of every little thing that happens and somebody exploiting a bug extremely hard to miss.
9. Selling / Trading anything in the game for real money or anything outside the game is strictly against the rules. Once again all involved accounts will be permanently banned!.

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